Roll-On Scent Blends

three roller scent bottlesEarthybug Roll-On Scent Blends combine pure essential oils in a sweet almond oil base to create a healthy alternative to traditional, toxic perfumes.

Choose from:
roll on scent bottle Calm : an anti-anxiety blend
containing lavender, clary sage, copaiba
and other mood-boosting oils to help
keep stress at bay.
The bonus is that it actually smells great
as a perfume!

Dreamsicle : a very sweet, orange-vanilla blend.
Try not to eat it!  🙂

Dahlia Lovechild : a little treat
for your inner hippie!
Soothing patchouli with a refreshing citrus
and woodsy touch.

Bright : a citrus + clary sage blend
to invigorate and energize,
boosting your mood
and providing a delicious scent
in the process.

These 10mL cobalt glass bottles have stainless steel roller balls
for minimal plastic usage.
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$16 each

roller bottle
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