Shea Lavender Lotion Bar

lavender lotion bars

The Classic 

$6 for each standard .46 oz bar

Made from only Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Beeswax, and Pure Lavender Essential Oil, this lotion bar was the first smash hit!  Friends and family have been gifted these for years, and as the word spread and demand grew, I began considering starting a business.

Rub this lotion bar onto the backs of your hands after washing them to prevent dryness.  This will keep your skin comfortable and hydrated, which has the added benefit of a youthful glow.  No more cracked knuckles in winter!

Many irritating skin disorders can be soothed by this lotion, and it’s convenient to carry in a pocketbook or keep at your desk or bedside table.  You should keep it cool so it doesn’t get too soft.  It will last a long time and you will not be disappointed!

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