Natural, Aluminum-Free Deodorant

natural deodorant paste in amber jar

deodorants in jars$8 for a 2 oz. amber glass jar (paste).  Save $1 if you get a refill!

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Available in the following scents: Ingredients:
    • Lavender-Rosemary
    • Geranium
    • Sweet Orange
    • Patchouli
Coconut oil, bentonite clay, baking soda, arrowroot powder, and pure essential oils

For use in underarm areas, and also great for helping with smelly feet!

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For over a decade, I’ve been perfecting my own home-made deodorant recipe.  I used to experience awful skin welts under my arms, with swollen bumps and plenty of irritation and discomfort.  I once became so desperate for relief that temporarily I stopped using any product altogether and became committed to detoxifying this area of my body.  This, of course, meant several “freshen up” trips to a sink every day since I did not want to repel other humans from interacting with me due to the potential for unpleasant body odor.

At the time, I didn’t know that most deodorants contain aluminum as an antiperspirant.  It is natural for the body to perspire (aka sweat), and it is necessary!  Blocking perspiration can be very damaging and possibly cause long-term health issues.  Aluminum has even been linked to Alzheimer’s disease.  It is not worth the risk!

Again, it is healthy to sweat, and it is possible to control the odor caused by sweat, naturally!

After quitting antiperspirants, my underarm skin quickly returned to normal and I began the quest for a better solution.  After trying every “natural” type of deodorant I could find, I was disappointed with the results of each.  I began researching natural odor absorbers, antibacterial oils, and skin soothers.  I experimented with combinations of ingredients and tweaked the blend for years to settle on the following:

Coconut oil, bentonite clay, baking soda, arrowroot powder, and pure essential oils.

That’s it!

The first ingredient, coconut oil, holds the other ingredients together while providing soothing moisturization to the skin.  Next, the bentonite clay, baking soda, and arrowroot powder absorb moisture and provide odor neutralization.  Although the clay gives the deodorant a gray/green color, it does not stain clothes!  Then tea tree essential oil creates an antibacterial environment, which prevents odor since bacteria under your arms is the source of unpleasant odor.  Additional essential oils such as lavender, geranium, and others add more antibacterial power plus a pleasant scent and “round out” what I find to be the perfect natural deodorant experience.  Together, it all creates a paste which is rubbed into the skin, using your finger.  The coconut oil melts with body heat, and it sinks in quickly.

All scent combinations work wonders while letting your skin do its thing, naturally.

You can order now in my Square Store for a flat shipping rate, or message me below to order locally for free delivery!

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Transitioning from conventional antiperspirant may not be an overnight process for all.  The body needs to expel those toxins, which may have been building up for years or even decades.  It’s not too late!  But you may need a few weeks – or even months – to adjust.  During this time, your sweat could be smellier than usual.  It doesn’t mean Earthybug deodorant isn’t working; give it time.   Read more here.

Any investment in your health is worth it!

Can this be used on smelly feet?

Yes!  Recommended use with socks and shoes.  The clay, baking soda, and arrowroot powder will help control moisture, and the powerful oils in this paste can help to control the growth of bacteria which causes odors and foot problems.  You may even experience relief from athlete’s foot and other fungal conditions with regular use as well.  The coconut oil will also help to soften rough feet as a pleasant side effect!


Coconut oil becomes liquid at room temperature, so it melts easily with your body heat.  The downside is that your jar of deodorant may melt a bit and separate in warm conditions.  I recommend keeping it in a cool place when possible.  When traveling, seal it in a plastic bag within your cosmetic case or suitcase, in case of warm temperatures beyond your control.  I give it a little swirl with my finger when it separates, just to mix it back up, and apply as normal.

How much should I use?

A pea-sized amount on your finger should be plenty for underarm application.  Rub slowly into each clean, dry underarm side, and give your skin a minute or two to absorb what it can.  If you’re getting clumps, you’ve used too much.  A little bit goes a long way!  Aim to give each side a nice thin layer.  When you can’t see it but know it’s there, you’re at the right level.  For feet, use just enough to cover the desired area without leaving clumps.

How long will I stay fresh?

The combination of odor neutralization, bacteria suppression, odor absorption, and essential oil power should last you through a normal day.  I like to freshen up with another quick application in the evening sometimes.

How long will the container last me?

Like I said,  a little goes a long way!  I decided to offer 2 oz. containers of this deodorant paste based on years of experience.  It lasts for about two months with everyday use (underarms).  Compare that to your old antiperspirant stick, and you are likely paying less for a far superior product!  (For feet, it will depend on the amount used but I would guess a container would last for a month with regular use.)


You can order now in my Square Store for a flat shipping rate, or contact me to order locally for free delivery!