Beard Balm

beard balm tins

These balms are available in the familiar scents you’ve come to enjoy in my Beard Oils!   Comes in a 1-ounce or 2-ounce screw-top tin, in the scent and texture of your choice: choose from Classic or Softer Blend!

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tin of beard balm
INGREDIENTS: organic shea butter, pure beeswax, organic jojoba oil, hexane-free cold-pressed castor oil, essential oils.  Softer blends also contain sweet almond oil.
  • “The Man’s Man” is a “woodsy” blend, and goes great with a big plate of ALL THE BACON AND EGGS YOU HAVE.
  • “The Rocker” is a little softer, still “woodsy” and just might make you want to jam on the drums for an hour or twelve.
  • “El Duderino” is very laid back – with essences of frankincense, citrus, and vanilla.
  • “The Charmer” is a citrus-mint blend, and a bit on the flirty side.
  • “The Master” is a patchouli blend with a touch of citrus, lavender, and a dash of black pepper.
  • “The Pirate” is a bay rum blend that will send your senses straight to the islands!

$15 for 1 ounce Classic or Softer Blend

$25 for 2 ounce Classic or Softer Blend 

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