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jars of day creamI’ve gone quiet for a little while, as I have started a second part-time job and needed to adjust.  But I’ve been busy behind the scenes!  I have some new products that I’ve almost finished developing and testing are ready!  I’m so excited about these!

First, Anti-Aging DAY Cream:  Yes, the counterpart to my popular night cream is almost ready!  I have been hard at work developing this one and I’m really proud of it.  The night cream feels amazing, so I wanted to keep the same oil/butter/wax/water ratio.  It also smells amazing, so I wanted to make the day cream smell equally wonderful.  And the night cream contains oils which can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so the day cream needed some UV protective oils instead.   And I have it:  The day cream is a lavender-frankincense blend that smells at least as great as it feels.  Can’t wait for you to try it!  It even has lavender hydrosol in place of the night cream’s rosewater.  ($21)

jar of cellulite fighting lotionNext, a Cellulite-Fighting Lotion:  I’ve been infusing sweet almond oil with organic coffee grounds, straining, and experimenting.  What I’ve come up with has been awesome – this lotion is caffeine and grapefruit oil loaded, and it’s awesome on my thighs and other, ahem, “lumpier” areas.  If you like the scent of coffee and don’t mind it on your skin, this is the lotion you’ve been waiting for.  Personally I really enjoy it.  I just use it on my upper legs and thigh area.  I’ve already gotten great results, and it smells really lovely.  (I love the scent of coffee!)  This one is packaged in an 8-ounce BPA-free amber plastic jar.  ($40)

tin of beard balmAlso, Beard Balms are finally ready – they come in a nice, screw-top 2-ounce tin.  The scents match the beard oils, so if you had a favorite, it’s now available in balm form as well!  ($25)

Last but certainly not least, I have a new Pain Relief Salve:  a friend of mine inspired this idea, as he beatpain relief salve in tin cancer (!!!) but is still recovering from chemotherapy-induced neuropathy in his hands and feet.  This is one side-effect of chemo –  nerve damage – and it creates a sometimes painful tingling sensation where the nerves haven’t regenerated quite yet.  Nerves are notoriously slow growers, so this may take some time but he’s coming along!  He is really pleased with the blend and said he can feel it working.  I created his special essential oil blend and since then, I’ve adjusted it slightly to be used for general pain such as arthritis, soreness, inflammation, or any general discomfort which goes further than just skin-deep.  (For skin issues such as sunburn, psoriasis, bug bites, minor burns, cuts, and scrapes, my new Healing Skin Salve can be very soothing!)  It is ready, and available in some neat 1-ounce screw-top tins.  ($10)

I hope you’re excited about these new products as I am!



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