Too Hot to Handle!

After a scorching mid-May morning at the Greensboro Corner Farmer’s Market, I am considering my options for the near future.   Don’t get me wrong – The market is awesome!  There are so many excellent vendors, some great entertainment, and really friendly customers strolling through.  Not to mention, Kathy Newsome, the coordinator, is amazing!  But… my products are heat sensitive as can be.

Even though I had my full-size products stored safely in a cooler, it was really hard to get any customer attention without being able to show them off.  I had sample containers out and ready to dip into, but they began to deteriorate, even in the shade, due to the heat.  It was simply not worth getting up early, packing up every bit of inventory I have, driving 27 miles, setting up a heavy table, and sitting in the heat for nearly 5 hours, to barely make a sale.  And this was super disappointing since I was prepared to package up some lovely Mothers Day gifts for no extra charge!  But how can you catch the attention of passers-by when you have all your product stored away in a cooler?

For this reason, I am considering solutions.  If none are feasible, I may find it better to skip market during the hot months.

However, I’m talking to a couple local retail spaces about carrying Earthybug.  This may be the solution I need!  I’ll share the info as soon as I know for sure.  [Update: find me here!]  Until then, you can always message me for any product you’d like to try or buy!

Enjoy the summer, and be sure to keep your Earthybug products out of the sun!  🙂



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